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Azacitidine IVPB
0 4 hours ago by Tina Cabala
afatinib via PEG
1 6 hours ago by Amber Proctor
Infusion Times
1 7 hours ago by Kelsey Finch
Transport of chemotherapy between 2 buildings
4 9 hours ago by Leighanne Young
How are you using palifermin at your institutions?
0 18 hours ago by Doreen Pon
Intrathecal Treatments
0 yesterday by Sarah Wheeler
Inpatient Neutropenia Prophylaxis Poll
0 yesterday by Kristina Lo
inpatient policy for patients on study
0 yesterday by Alan Fisher
Chemo spills at home
0 yesterday by Tyler Redelico
VIP - is the ifos CIVI or IV?
1 yesterday by Nancy Blumer
Lapatinib via PEG tube?
0 yesterday by George Brown
Dose Rounding for Alpha 1 Agents, Zemaira and Prolastin
2 2 days ago by Leo Kamin
IP chemotherapy - peritoneal carcinomatosis
0 2 days ago by Margaret McGuinness
Extravasation kits
0 2 days ago by Tyler Redelico
DoseEdge/Gravimetric in the outpatient infusion center
2 3 days ago by Ngoctran Tran
Patient Consent
0 3 days ago by Alicia Gesenhues
Who determines infusion durations in your facility?
5 3 days ago by Mellissa Taylor
Sodium Bicarb Shortage
0 3 days ago by Sepideh Shayani
Zinplava (Bezlotoxumanb) for recurrent CDI
0 5 days ago by Kevin Kuzma
Pembrolizumab, Nivolumab and chronic corticosteroid for non-toxicity indication
1 7 days ago by Sara Fleszar
VEGF related HTN treatment
1 7 days ago by Timothy Mok
Chemotherapy volatility and vapors, PAPR's, and USP 800
1 7 days ago by Mark Leach
Fosaprepitant stability beyond 24 hours
2 7 days ago by Louise Pong
Pembrolizumab Dose Change in Melanoma to Flat Dosing
6 7 days ago by Shawna Kraft
Preadmission oral bicarbonate and hydration for high dose methotrexate
2 7 days ago by Steven Larson
12 8 days ago by Pradeepan Ananthasingam
Fentanyl sublingual spray (Subsys)
0 8 days ago by Brian Hart
Observation Periods
3 9 days ago by Sara Smith
Ewing Sarcoma therapy for patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
0 9 days ago by Julie Gegg
FIT testing with facial hair
0 9 days ago by Jared Vernon
USP 800
1 10 days ago by Andrea Ledford
Opioid Contract
0 10 days ago by Lisa Holle
FLOT for GE Junction
1 13 days ago by Austin Jenkins
Carboplatin dosing and non-IDMS traceable SCr
1 13 days ago by Lisa Raff
Intravesicular Chemotherapy
0 14 days ago by Michael Bly
unclear about infusion time of Gemzar in STS
0 14 days ago by Carla Portnoy
Computer in chemo buffer room
4 14 days ago by Kyle Ritter
Mosaic to Meditech Oncology module conversion
0 15 days ago by Nisha Pherwani
Trastuzumab 150mg SDV
14 15 days ago by Stephen Smith
Oral Chemotherapy SOP
0 15 days ago by Kristina Hazard
Imlygic (T-VEC)
1 15 days ago by Jenna Carmichael
Trastuzumab conversion to SDV
2 15 days ago by Sara Fleszar
Drug preparation verification
2 16 days ago by Kristin Wenzel
Magnesium Infusion rates
10 16 days ago by Kristin Wenzel
EPIC users - verifying orders question
3 16 days ago by Kristin Wenzel
chemoembolization hepatic with drug eleuting beads
2 16 days ago by Kathy Dasse
Glucarpidase (Voraxaze) Guidelines
1 17 days ago by Brian Hart
PDL-1 inhibitor after PD-1 therapy
3 18 days ago by Timothy Connolly
TKI Discontinuation/Resumption with Transplant
0 18 days ago by Jeffrey Baron
ASCO Meeting - Posters and Get Together
1 22 days ago by Jinni Chow